JSC „Inka“ over 17 years works in service of professional electrical, heating engineering and automation of production process. Company's creating and realizable bubbling fluidized bed technologies characterized by brave and unique solutions, enhancing efficiency of energetic systems. It is especially relevant nowadays when oil and gas prices are unpredictable. "Inka" bubbling fluidized bed technology solutions allows efficiently burn and create energy from problematic fuel sources and reduce expences.
Heating and fluidized bed technologies

JSC "Inka" is exclusive company in Baltic region which design and by affiliate company produce fully automatic fluidized bed boilers for problematic source solid fuel burning. On demand for these complex can be created individual control programs. Pilot project with 1,25 MW heating power fluidized bed boiler was successfully finished in 2004 year and positively rated by specialists, customer and press.

Electrical engineering and automation
JSC „Inka“ offer complex service of electrical engineering, automation and telemetry, inclusive design and automation of various systems helping to control industrial, energetic processes more efficiently.

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